New Classes for 2016

SSRC is pleased to announce the following new classes for 2016:

Leadline – riders under 8 may compete in leadline classes provided that they are accompanied by an adult handler holding a leadline attached to the horse’s bridle or a halter with a bridle. Riders must hold the reins. English or western tack and attire are permitted – helmets must be worn. Pommel/safety straps, neck straps, safety vests and safety stirrups are permitted. Competitors will show at a walk only, both directions of the ring. Competiors will be judged on the rider’s seat, posture, hand and leg position, the turnout of the horse and rider and basic horsemanship. Competitors may be asked basic questions about their horse or equitation.

Pleasure Driving – Youth Reinsmanship – open to all competitors 18 years of age and under. Exhibitors 13 years and younger must be accompanied at all times by an adult horseman who is capable of rendering assistance if required. Individual competitors may share and horse and cart, as judging is on the ability of the drier to show the horse as a suitable pleasure driving horse. To be judged primarily on the handling of the reins and whip, control posture and overall impression of the driver, as well as condition of harness and vehicle and neatness of attire. Drivers and grooms must wear properly fitted, approved headgear with the safety harness correction fitted at all times while in the vehicle. The class will follow on of the following formats: (a) Rail work – drivers will be asked to drive both directions of the ring at walk, working trot/pace and slow trot/pace. Must halt and stand readily. May be asked to rein back. No more than 3 entries will work in the ring at one time OR (b) Driven Test – drivers will be asked to perform an individual driving patter which may include any or all of the following: walk, slow trot/pace, working trot/pace, halt, rein back. Pattern may include work on the rail, circles, half-circles, figure-eights, crossing the diagonal.

Introduction to Trail (Trail Poles) – This class is judged on the horse and rider’s ability to negotiate a course of poles. Class must be ridden in Western equipment and attired. Rules of equipment and attire will follow Western Performance Class rules with the exception that properly fitted tie-downs and martingales will be permitted. Obstacles allowed are (a) walkover a pole or log (16-24” in height), (b) crossovers or leg yielding along a pole, (c) trot poles, (d) back through (min. space 25”), (e) serpentine obstacles (e.g. cones or poles at 6′ spacing). Points will be deducted to missing or not completing an obstacle, hitting or stepping on an obstacle, breaking gait, stepping outside of an obstacle, knocking down an obstacle, disobedience (kicking, bucking, rearing, etc) or dropping an object. Horse will be eliminated if the horse or rider falls.

Please see the Rulebook for further details.